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LIR Environmental Enterprise

The company provides holistic business support and consultation in project planning, operating and licensing according the requirements of the authorities. This is done with an overall view that enables resource management, bridging needs and requirements and planning according to all economic aspects.

From vision to finish

Accompanying the project from its inception - forming planning teams, permit submissions, license production and supervising construction until project completion form

Proven experience

Relying on proven practical experience, knowledge and familiarity with the regulatory licensing aspects as well as of the business aspect.


Waste management, formulation of operational solutions, construction of treatment facilities while reducing costs of waste management, recycling, and reducing fees and levies

Leadership alongside integration

Ability to lead or integrate in any planning or construction team while providing support in the broad aspect of the environmental field.

Our Team

Combining decades of proven practical experience in waste with world-class academic excellence. Familiarity with the licensing and regulatory factors, along with the world of business, enables our team to lead projects in a broad aspect of environmental fields.

Gil Eshbal


Dr. Lior Eshbal

Chief Engineer

Our Clients

We are proud to serve a large variety of clients, including large companies and local authorities, as well as small businesses.